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Hello I’m Jim Jones, and Welcome to my Zradical dot org site. I spoke to my son and  daughter to help me put together a nice little blog site for me so I may share my experiences with the community about a fucoidan based product called Z radical. I sincerely believe that my dynamic improvement has been directly related to the use of this product.

I have so much to be thankful for, because I have gone through many health crises. I went though bypass surgery three times, and then suffered a massive heart attack two days after my last surgery. Great doctor told me they almost lost me several times. But through the efforts and the goodness of God Almighty, I’m still here. Ive improved in so many ways once I started using Zradical.

I knew that this juice was helping a lot of people in a lot of ways but I didn’t know it might help me with my hard-to-treat heart condition. Well, I began taking Zradical and something really amazing happened. This Z radical Fucoidan Juice helped change my health and this experience has let me to believe that there are foods that God put here on earth to make us well again.

The first thing i started to noticed was the change in my breathing and energy. Previously i felt tired all the time no matter how much i rested, or exercised. I started to think that getting old meant having less and less energy to do the things i liked to do but that was all  in the past. My heart also improved, i had a pain around the heart and it started to fade over time. In addition, during the spring i usually get seasonal allergies but for some reason not this year which is a great improvement.

I would like many more people to spread the news and have great results with overall health  like i have. I’m a firsthand witness to the power of Z radical, it helped me enjoy an amazing change in my own health and at this point my doctors have seen a tremendous improvement in my heart performance, and many of my test results are in the normal range. I still take Zradical, its been about a year and 8 months now and still going strong. If you are already on a wellness journey, that’s Great. If you’re not, there will never be a better time to begin than now.

Thank goodness that it was never too late to start on the wellness journey even at my age. I am so grateful for Z radical that I wish I starting taking this product years ago. I’m starting to understand that it’s better to maintain your health instead of fixing your health later. I believe that surgery could have been avoided in my life by taking the proper nutrition.

I have to admit, Zradical isn’t cheap, but if you want a great quality product its going to cost around $46.00 retail. You know what they say, “You get what you paid for”, Just like other organic Fruits and Vegetables you see at the store today, are going to priced higher than the processed ones. But now, you may receive this product 30% cheaper when signing up with Youngevity as a customer. You may also receive Free Shipping with auto-ship and with an average purchase of $50 or more.

In addition to saving money. Youngevity has these Free Pharmacy Discount cards that can be used to save 10-85% or more on Prescription drugs in over 60,000 location in mostly U.S.A. and some locations in Canada (this is just another way of saving money). I also found out that these cards can be used for Pet Medication as well. Also take the pet prescriptions to your local pharmacy to receive a discount, they should be-able to help. There is more information and a Printable Version of these cards at Pharmacy Discount dot org.

I hope this helps lower the cost of Z radical. But as comparison for me,  the price its very minimal every month compared to paying huge medical bills that could have been avoided in the first place by maintaining great health with exercise and nutrition.

If you want, I will leave a Link to an Online Store where you can find Zradical #: 3026.

Link :Zradical Pure Fucoidan Juice Drink

God Bless,




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